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Cinema Libre Studio has changed the way independent films are made and distributed.   As media consolidation increases, independently distributed films are one of the few outlets remaining for free speech, alternative views and movies with a message. 
  The significance of independently produced and distributed films has grown exponentially as audiences clamor to see feature films and documentaries that introduce new ideas, are socially conscious and that may challenge the status-quo.  We realize that there is an audience, both “art-house” and “mainstream,” that refuses to be force-fed Hollywood happy-endings. 

  At Cinema Libre Studio, we believe that movies can make a difference.    We strive to be at the forefront of the independent media movement, utilizing the mainstream tools of film distribution, reinventing distribution protocols, combining grassroots outreach with targeted marketing efforts, to produce and distribute feature films, foreign films and documentaries that do make a difference to both art-house, mainstream and home audiences.


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