Photos from Cambodia Trip: March 2007

Photos from Cambodia Trip: July 2006

Photos from Cambodia: March 2006


Photos from Cambodia Trip 2007
March 22

Art and Little Bystander.JPG (5329197 bytes) Asking Please.JPG (2517358 bytes)

Art and Little Bystander

Asking Please

Caretaker.JPG (2770810 bytes) Charam's Mother Watching.JPG (3712185 bytes)


Charam's Mother Watching

Heather And Charam.JPG (3509424 bytes) Interviewing Charam's Mother.JPG (3493654 bytes)

Heather and Charam

Interviewing Charam's Mother

Linna At The Pagoda.JPG (3791751 bytes) A quite time to study.JPG (2841752 bytes)

Linna at the Pagoda

A Quiet Time to Study

Linna Angel.JPG (3086462 bytes) Stark Reminder.JPG (3268035 bytes)

Linna Angel

Stark Reminder

Little Hand.JPG (3101798 bytes) Teaching Charam Football.JPG (3211866 bytes)

Little Hand

Teaching Charam Football

Doing Photography.JPG (3020844 bytes) Interview On The River.JPG (5947407 bytes)

Doing Photography

Interview on the River

Rivergirl.JPG (3405436 bytes) On  Their Way.JPG (4804074 bytes)

River Girl

On Their Way

A Thousand Words.jpg (103803 bytes) Another Load Arrives.jpg (128465 bytes)

A Thousand Words

Another Load Arrives

Break Time.jpg (134677 bytes) Dump Pedicure.jpg (188438 bytes)

Break Time

Dump Pedicure

Early Morning.jpg (84561 bytes) Hazy.jpg (78251 bytes)

Early Morning


Hot Spot.jpg (104353 bytes) Little Man.jpg (193834 bytes)

Hot Spot

Little Man

Money Exchange.jpg (147665 bytes) Night Workers.jpg (89841 bytes)

Money Exchange

Night Workers

On Fire.jpg (265868 bytes) On the Edge.jpg (117133 bytes)

On Fire

On the Edge

Pacifier.jpg (137715 bytes) Recycling Baby.jpg (189473 bytes)


Recycling Baby

Relaxing.jpg (178546 bytes) Silhouette.jpg (65159 bytes)



Still Life.jpg (144775 bytes) The Exchange.jpg (129704 bytes)

Still Life

The Exchange

Walking to Hell.jpg (126277 bytes) Working Hazzards.jpg (154543 bytes)

Walking to Hell

Working Hazards


Photos from Cambodia Trip 2006
July 15th - August 2nd

DCP_4080.JPG (328909 bytes) DCP_4083.JPG (489592 bytes)

Taipei from the Window

Art and I in the Mercedes

DCP_4089.JPG (419427 bytes) DCP_4092.JPG (803481 bytes)

Ny and Poun Lee
Our Translator and Soundman

A Familiar Face

DCP_4093.JPG (423032 bytes) DCP_4094.JPG (439402 bytes)

Children Playing in the River

Woman Washing Her Clothes in the River

DCP_4095.JPG (747352 bytes) Filming Karate.JPG (409975 bytes)

Monk Beating the Heat

Filming Karate

Getting Tone.JPG (437763 bytes) Interviewing Fiona.JPG (460436 bytes)

Getting Tone

Interviewing Fiona

Leakhena Computer Class.JPG (432031 bytes) Meng Ly's Computer Class.JPG (422538 bytes)

Leakhena Computer Class

Meng Ly's Computer Class

Saroeurn In Karate.JPG (492224 bytes) crew in action.JPG (406782 bytes)

Saroeurn In Karate

Crew in Action

Alone on the path.JPG (663569 bytes) Beating the heat.JPG (950492 bytes)

Alone on the Path

Beating the Heat

Dinner at the village.JPG (604092 bytes) familiar kids at the dump.JPG (637636 bytes)

Dinner at the Village

Familiar Faces at the Dump

girls working at the dump.JPG (634722 bytes) SoPhy - new soundman.JPG (463876 bytes)

Girls Working at the Dump

Our New Soundman

A new life is born.JPG (464800 bytes) bathtime.JPG (848531 bytes)

A New Life is Born


Britney Daniels.JPG (370351 bytes) Camp Store.JPG (442444 bytes)

Brittany Daniels

Camp Store

crew_in_action.JPG (416212 bytes) Dinner is Served.JPG (245901 bytes)

Crew in Action

Dinner is Served

Interview With Scott.JPG (1456988 bytes) Relocation Camp.JPG (393796 bytes)

Interview with Scott

Relocation Camp

countryside.JPG (717835 bytes) home at last.JPG (530893 bytes)


Home at Last

Hope Springs Eternal.JPG (427346 bytes) long day.JPG (668411 bytes)

Hope Springs Eternal

Long Day

planting rice.JPG (497481 bytes)  Mealtime at the Pagoda.JPG (426904 bytes)

Planting Rice

Mealtime at the Pagoda

getting wired up.JPG (904829 bytes) Leakhena's Brothers.JPG (372956 bytes)

Getting Wired Up

Leakhena's Brothers

Leakhena's Story.JPG (812101 bytes) Parade Of Monks.JPG (591589 bytes)

Leakhena's Story

Parade Of Monks

Cane Juice Machine.JPG (553299 bytes) Countryside Boys.JPG (597228 bytes)

Cane Juice Machine

Countryside Boys

Bottle Picker.JPG (920623 bytes) Framing The Shot.JPG (363237 bytes)

Bottle Picker

Framing the Shot

Glue Addict Boys.JPG (578896 bytes) Jealous Monkey.JPG (449269 bytes)

Glue Addict Boys

Jealous Monkey

Traveling By Tuk Tuk.JPG (494996 bytes) Cat Nap.JPG (552038 bytes)

Traveling by Tuk Tuk

Cat Nap

Layseng's House.JPG (449677 bytes) Me and Little Sister.JPG (440911 bytes)

Layseng's House

Me and Little Sister

Ngan's House.JPG (443181 bytes) Chharram and sister get a meal.JPG (520961 bytes)

Ngan's House

Chharram and Sister Get a Meal

Chharrom and Ngan Play.JPG (542375 bytes) Exploring His Musical Side.JPG (494914 bytes)

Chharram and Ngan Play

Exploring His Musical Side

Layseng and Father.JPG (1175074 bytes) Ngan.JPG (375702 bytes)

Layseng and Father


On The Way To CCF.JPG (342441 bytes)  Art's New Love.JPG (566681 bytes)

On the Way to CCF

Art's New Love

DP At Work.JPG (789264 bytes) In The Dentist Chair.JPG (417407 bytes)

DP at Work

In the Dentist Chair

Mother's Interview.JPG (583926 bytes) Our New School Boy.JPG (586009 bytes)

Mother's Interview

Our New School Boy

All That Remains.JPG (673161 bytes) Cells At S21.JPG (451068 bytes)

All That Remains

Cells at S21

Killing Fields Skull Memorial.JPG (426258 bytes) S21 Prison.JPG (374151 bytes)

Killing Fields Skull Memorial

S21 Prison

Young Prisoner Photo at S21.JPG (624868 bytes) Sketchy Bridge Ahead.JPG (479191 bytes)

Young Prisoner Photo at S21

Sketchy Bridge Ahead

Holes In The Bridge.JPG (556652 bytes) Crickets Before.JPG (314267 bytes)

Holes in the Bridge

Crickets Before

Crickets After.JPG (408761 bytes) Born To Be Wild.JPG (710769 bytes)

Crickets After

Born to be Wild

Chharram and Heather.JPG (370595 bytes) Leakhena and Layseng.JPG (831013 bytes)

Chharram and Heather

Leakhena and Layseng

Lyda and Heather.JPG (933980 bytes)

Lyda and Heather


Photos from Cambodia Trip 2006
March 3 - 13th

Lots of donations to pack!

Books, vitamins, crayons, games...

Toothbrushes (hundreds!), floss, coloring books...

Heather packing... and packing... still packing!

Day 1

wpe2A.jpg (394440 bytes)

wpe2C.jpg (199916 bytes)

View from Above (Cambodia)

24 hours later... here at last!

wpe26.jpg (159932 bytes)

wpe28.jpg (107919 bytes)

Motorbike Madness

The Recycler

wpe22.jpg (176507 bytes)

wpe24.jpg (155820 bytes)

Riding Against Traffic

City Street

Day 2

wpe11.jpg (105540 bytes) wpe13.jpg (88691 bytes)

Theresa's Experiment

Street Kids on River

wpe15.jpg (97154 bytes) wpe17.jpg (142616 bytes)

Siblings at Play

Siblings II

wpe19.jpg (70729 bytes) wpe1B.jpg (92768 bytes)

Buddy Photographer

Angel with Wings

wpe1D.jpg (127488 bytes) wpe1F.jpg (107196 bytes)

Family on River

Family Outing

DSC_0013 sm.jpg (126420 bytes) DSC_0027 sm.jpg (120047 bytes)

Torture Cell at S21

Cell at S21

DSC_0049 sm.jpg (199534 bytes) DSC_0073sm.jpg (177172 bytes)

A Different Kind of Playground

Alone in the Dust

DSC_0089sm.jpg (208123 bytes) DSC_0094sm.jpg (156881 bytes)

Begging Children

A Grim Reminder

DSC_0107 sm.jpg (146506 bytes) DSC_0112sm.jpg (156885 bytes)

Those Left Behind

At Play in a Burial Site

DSC_0128 sm.jpg (120640 bytes)

Rural Children

Day 3

DSC_0032_cropped.jpg (92368 bytes) DSC_0049 sm.jpg (86003 bytes)

Sleeping at Home on the River

Heartbreak Boy

DSC_0065_small.jpg (101705 bytes)

Theresa up at Dawn

wpe2.jpg (13986 bytes) wpe4.jpg (44488 bytes)

At home in the Dumps

Looking for Something to Recycle

wpe6.jpg (27135 bytes) wpe8.jpg (27068 bytes)

Standing Alone in a Sea of Waste

Running from the Truck

wpeA.jpg (29292 bytes) wpeC.jpg (44464 bytes)

Little Worker

Little Princess

wpeE.jpg (27713 bytes) wpe10.jpg (38467 bytes)

Fresh Load of Trash

Bare Feet

wpe12.jpg (30326 bytes) wpe14.jpg (39022 bytes)

Desperate for Fruit

Hats, Fruits, and Masks

wpe16.jpg (32558 bytes)

The Cleanest Thing Theresa Has Hugged All Day

Days 3 and 4

wpe18.jpg (26221 bytes) wpe1A.jpg (16091 bytes)

Playing in the Street

Paine and Friend

wpe1C.jpg (21392 bytes) wpe1E.jpg (16863 bytes)

Baby Alone

Boys in the Street

wpe20.jpg (20004 bytes) wpe22.jpg (23707 bytes)

Our New Kids

The Breakfast Club

wpe24.jpg (18766 bytes) wpe26.jpg (25418 bytes)

Showing Off New Shoes

Here We Come, Walking Down the Street


DSC_0058.JPG (94208 bytes) DSC_0074.JPG (119952 bytes)

Navie Sleeping in School

Computer Class

DSC_0081.JPG (109198 bytes) DSC_0164.JPG (91971 bytes)


Seeing the Doctor

DSC_0181.JPG (108624 bytes) DSC_0046.JPG (117881 bytes)

Music Class

Eager to Learn

At the Dump with the CCF

DSC_0088.JPG (140542 bytes) DSC_0091.JPG (122684 bytes)

Heading into the Village at the Dump

Baby Boy at Dump

DSC_0098.JPG (97391 bytes) DSC_0108.JPG (99550 bytes)

Baby, Lighter and Syringe

Posing for Us

DSC_0116.JPG (109746 bytes)

Giving Away Mosquito Nets


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